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UniCredit & Universities Foundation is supporting a young Russian talent to attend a prestigious master pragramme in Italy.

Unicredit Group

Every year, UniCredit & Universities Foundation grants several scholarships to students. In 2012 the winner of the UniCredit & Universities scholarship is Ekaterina Burdina from Moscow.

UniCredit & Universities scholarships are open to students from any of the 22 countries in which UniCredit operates. Starting in 2011, the Foundation has further widened its range of initiatives to undergraduates, launching its first competition for study abroad exchange programmes.

Ekaterina Burdina, from Moscow, is the winner of the UniCredit & Universities scholarship for the prestigious Master Programme in International Public Affairs organized by LUISS School of Government in Rome.

Selected among thirty young talent coming from all over Europe, Ekaterina stood out from her peers for her impressive academic studies and experiences. She achieved her Organization Management Studies at Moscow Aviation University and International Law at Moscow University for International Relationships (MGIMO).

Thanks to UniCredit & Universities scholarship, Ekaterina will have the possibility to attend the one year Master programme in International Public Affairs in Rome so having the chance to become a future expert in international public policy and political affairs. As part of the programme, she will have also the opportunity to visit the experts at the European Commission in Brussels. Thanks to the academic and professional skills gained during this master course, Ekaterina will become rapidly employable in various sectors starting from the board network of international organizations, European and regional institutions, public policy research centres and NGOs. Those operational skills gained during the course will also be invaluable to national public administrations and the private sectors. Ekaterina will also be ready to work in the field of journalisms, public affairs and general lobbying.

The LUISS School of Government is an innovative centre for scientific and professional training, the first in Italy, one of the few in Europe.

Giannantonio De Roni, Secretary General of the Foundation says:
Funding this initiative, UniCredit & Universities once more testifies its commitment investing in the future and supporting the best students and researchers from all over the European perimeter of UniCredit Group in the fields of economics and finance»

UniCredit & Universities Foundation is a non-profit organization that enables young European students in economics and finance to reach their true potential by financing their ongoing studies and research through several scholarships and awards. UniCredit & Universities participates in this way to the education of the best European talent, funding only those deserving students who are committed with perseverance and dedication to the goals and values of the Foundation and the Group.

2nd edition of the UniCredit Study-Abroad Exchange Programme

UniCredit & Universities is launching the 2nd edition of the UniCredit Study-Abroad Exchange Programme. The competition offers 22 grants to all students to spend six-month abroad to/from the following seven countries: Azerbaijan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Russia, Serbia and Ukraine.

To be eligible for the competition, applicants must be citizen of one of the 22 countries where UniCredit is present and be students in at least their second year of studies in the fields of economics, finance, banking, management engineering, law and economics.

In detail

Candidates must:

  1. either be enrolled at any university in one of the 22 countries where UniCredit operates and wish to spend six months at any university located in Azerbaijan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Russia, Serbia and Ukraine
  2. or be enrolled at a university located in the above seven countries and wish to spend six months abroad at any university in one of the 22 countries where UniCredit operates

The grants are intended for exchange periods abroad up to six months, starting from January 2013 and ending by March 2014. Each winner will receive a grant of €4,200 (gross) for the entire period.

Applications deadline is . The twenty-two winners will be announced by .



For more info:

    Please contact: De Roni Giannantonio
    Secretary General
    UniCredit & Universities
    Knight of Labor Ugo Foscolo Foundation
    Phone. +39 02 8862 8039
    Mobile. +39 335 7240 805
    For information send your questions marked «eGraduate.ru Information about UniCredit & Universities scolarship» in Subject line by e-mail: giannantonio.deroni@unicreditgroup.eu

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